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Stakeholder Feedback Procurement Template

Here is a screenshot of the procurement stakeholder feedback template:


Procurement Template for Aligning Stakeholder Needs

There are four columns is the stakeholder feedback template:

  1. Stakeholder Feedback - state both formal and informal feedback regarding issues and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Restatement of Problem - procurement uses root cause analysis to restate understanding of the underlying issues.
  3. Resolution to the Problem - list action steps that will resolve stakeholder issues and concerns.
  4. Measure of Progress - state direct quantifiable metrics to measure action plans.

A key to enabling purchasing power is is to ensure procurement is aligned with key stakeholders. This procurement template will help align both stakeholder and strategic sourcing needs.

This is week nine of ten free procurement templates in ten weeks. Be sure to check out the procurement templates from weeks one through eight.

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I would recommend that procurement track stakeholder feedback on a department-wide basis. For example, a department with 10 buyers may be working on 30 stakeholder-driven projects. This information could be incorporated into the overall department metrics.

Using lean six sigma would be a preferred approach for complex projects. The DMAIC method (design, measure, analyze, improve, control) is a proven method yielding great results.

To download this free procurement template use this link; stakeholder feedback template. You can download all the free procurement templates at this link.

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