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Inbound Transportation Survey Template

Procurement Decreases Inbound Freight Costs

Purchasing Agents use the transportation template to survey suppliers for inbound shipping data. The Excel template identifies inbound lanes, carriers, and freight cost information. The survey requests information on both full truckload and less than truckload shipments. Procurement leverages key tranportation data to enable purchasing power. Freight lanes and carriers can be optimized with the Inbound Excel template.

This is week seven of ten templates in ten weeks. Be sure to check out blog posts for free procurement templates from weeks one through six.

Week 1: sourcing strategy

Week 2: request for quotation

Week 3: supplier cost improvement

Week 4: flexible supplier scorecard

Week 5: supplier risk assessment

Week 6: supplier financial viability

Further analysis can be completed by procurement to identify:

  • Annual inbound transportation costs
  • Costs per mile for inbound lanes
  • Costs per pound of material purchased
  • Opportunities for carrier consolidation and freight cost reduction
  • Round trip opportunities to minimize deadhead miles
  • Supplier preferences for high performing carriers
  • Special material handling requirements

See below for a screen shot of the inbound transportation survey template for procurement:


To download this free procurement template click this link; inbound transportation survey template and click on the download button. You can download all the free procurement templates at this link.

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