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Supplier Risk Assessment Procurement Template

This is week five of ten procurement templates in ten weeks. Be sure to check blog posts for free procurement templates from weeks one through four.

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The purpose of the risk assessment template is to identify areas of high supply risk. The Excel template can be used on a category or product level. Use this Excel template to maintain or improve purchasing power.

Areas of supply risk to be evaluated are:

  1. Industry - overall industry factors like supplier consolidation and barriers to entry.
  2. Supplier - review of historical supply outages, predatory practices, and financial viability.
  3. Product - material or service related risks like patent restrictions.
  4. Supply Chain - long lead time or manufacturing located in a high-risk region.
  5. Internal - erratic demand or resource limitations.

When to use the supplier risk assessment template:

There are three ways to use this template in the procurement process. One, as part of a department wide supply risk program. Two, during the supplier selection process. And three, after a supply disruption occurs for any reason. Pro-actively identifying areas of supply risk helps maintain purchasing power.

See below for a screen shot of the supplier risk assessment template:


To download the supplier risk assessment template go to supplier risk assessment template. You can download all the templates by going to this link.

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