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Sourcing Strategy for Procurement Template

Sourcing Strategy Template

Week One of Ten Templates in Ten Weeks

The strategic sourcing template is the first procurement template in our series - ten templates in ten weeks. This template does not follow the 7 step strategic sourcing methodology - however it is an easy and intuitive tool for developing category sourcing strategies. Some of the benefits of this strategy template are:

  • It requires less training to implement
  • Uses less resources to implement
  • Prompts buyers with questions to answer important to all buying categories
  • Incorporates external feedback from suppliers and internal customers
  • Can be used for a broad range of buying categories
  • Strategy developed in a 6 page Word document, limits big Power Point decks

Using the template the buyer assesses the industry buying category, evaluates current and potential suppliers then completes an assessment of business and stakeholder needs. Following this analysis a summary, recomendation and plan are completed.

Below are snapshots from the procurement sourcing strategy template:

Industry Assessment


Supplier Assessment



Internal Assessment






To download this procurement template go to sourcing strategy template. You can download all the procurement templates by going to this link.

If you have questions or comments about the sourcing strategy procurement template please contact me through this link: http://purchasingtoolpak.com/#contact